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Dracula was written as an epistolary novel, where the story is presented as a series of documents. I'm breaking it up into a serial format using the date stamps on these documents to follow the actual time frame of the story. The twist is that we're six months off... mainly because I really wanted to do this right now now now and the actual novel doesn't start until May. More details on the project here.

The entries are not completely regular, so there will be some days with no posts and some with multiple. In the absence of a time stamp I will set posts to go up in the early AM.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Welcome once again to Dracula on the Off-Season!

In the fall of 2006 I stumbled on a community online which presented Bram Stoker's Novel Dracula in a way I had never considered before; in real-time.

Dracula was written in a form called the epistolary novel, where the prose is presented as a series of documents. These documents are all date stamped, and so Dracula1897 used these stamps to separate out the novel into a sort of serial, making semi-daily* posts following the chronology of the story** spanning the six month period in which the book takes place.

To my dismay I only caught the very tail end of the Dracula1897 run and they have not done it again since. In 2009 Dracula-Feed ran the novel here on Blogger in the same way, but I was not aware of this until well afterward. I decided that rather than wait for someone else to do this again I would do it myself, but of course came to this conclusion at precisely the wrong time of year as the book starts in May and ends in November... and that finally is where we come in!

I started my first off season run-through in November 2010 and tried for a second off season run in November 2012. Ultimately I hated the formatting of the Project Gutenberg text I was working from and never felt happy with the final presentation, so I'm overhauling the whole thing using a new copy of the text.

There may be occasional non-story Admin. posts from me but I will do all I can to keep them at a minimum. Please feel free to let me know at any time if you have any ideas that you think will help enhance the experience and by all means pass the word along.

The Project Gutenberg copy of Dracula is available here.

* the chronology is not completely regular, some days have no posts, some have multiple.
** the chronology is also not completely linear, a few items are presented out of order according to how they appear in the text. these will be noted by an "out of order" tag

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